Bringing Fresh Produce to St. Louis, MO

Think eating organic has to cost a fortune? Think again. Growing Food Growing People (GFGP) donates farm-to-table produce to the St. Louis, MO, urban population. We’re dedicated to strengthening our community by promoting overall health and well-being through fresh produce. When it comes to seasonal eating, the benefits are endless. By harvesting what nature produces according to the seasons, you can enjoy local organic fruits and vegetables without all the preservatives or additives.

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Healthy Food Distribution

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Every American deserves to eat healthy food. For too long, low-income urban and rural populations have suffered from the grocery gap. Having a poor eating lifestyle is not by choice—it’s a lack of access to healthy food. Our mission is to provide high-quality agricultural services to our community. We see the effects of the grocery gap every day, and we’re here to make a positive change.

What's the Grocery Gap?

Growing Food Growing People has seen the grocery gap in play in our community. Recent studies have found that low-income zip codes have 25 percent fewer supermarkets than wealthy neighborhoods. Lack of access to supermarkets that sell high-quality fresh produce and other healthy food forces our community to partake in unhealthy eating habits. The high amount of convenience and liquor stores in the area combined with the lack of transportation to supermarkets contribute to the grocery gap. Our agricultural company is here to make a difference and play a key part in community development and finally closing this gap.

When our community doesn’t have access to healthy food, there is a higher risk of diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between lack of access to supermarkets and diet-related diseases. Our community shouldn’t have to suffer—we’re here to make sure our community gets the organic food they need for healthy living
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Let's Bring Fresh Produce Back

Are you interested in helping us close the gap and bring healthy food back? Call Growing Food Growing People today for more information about our agricultural services and how you can help!

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