St. Louis, MO, Deserves Healthy Food

Growing Food Growing People is a non-profit farm providing fresh produce and organic food in St. Louis, MO, and surrounding areas. It’s important to us that our community eats healthy and that our company helps close the grocery gap by making healthy food accessible to low-income urban and rural populations, both in schools and in homes. 

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Healthy Food Distribution

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TextHealthy food is literally life-changing. Due to the lack of supermarkets in the area and lack of transportation to supermarkets that sell organic food, low-income communities are forced to poor eating conditions. Poor eating conditions mean a higher risk of diet-related diseases. By making healthy food accessible to our community, we’re helping save lives.

"I know for sure if we change what we are eating, we can change the way we think, if we change the way we think we WILL change the trajectory of our communities" ~ Leah Michelle

Community Donations

Better eating means better living. Our top priority at Growing Food Growing People is to give organic food away, for free, to our community. We want families in inner cities and rural areas to have easy access to a healthy lifestyle and not have to worry about the possibility of developing a chronic disease. If you live in our community and you don’t have access to healthy food, call us today. 


While our main service is donating organic food, we also extend an opportunity to schools and local grocers to support the local economy and revitalize low-income neighborhoods by purchasing our fresh produce. As schools and grocers, you can help our community access organic food, and we want to help you continue producing results. Call our company today for more information about how we can work together towards community development and the closing of the grocery gap.
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Call Us Today

Whether you’re a community member in need or a grocer wanting to contribute to the cause, Growing Food Growing People is here to help. Call us today and let us know how our organic food can make a difference in your life. 

(314) 518-2048